Text Box: ‘Bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Nation

God works miracles in so many ways in peoples lives, His ways are much higher than our ways and His thoughts much higher than our thoughts. There is always the wish to have feedback from each visit made to Uganda, in fact any country, to see what God is doing among His people in the church of our Lord Jesus Christ and also reaching out to the lost.

So testimonies are a joy and yet if we are not careful we get very narrow as to what we look for and fail to see, sometimes, that the Lord Jesus has worked more than we can ask of think. At the end of this section I will give you some miracles of healing from Rwahaha in Bugisu district, high up in the mountains from Mbale. We had a huge rainstorm there and flooded roads on the way back, but God kept us.

Bishop Fred Ojiambo has been really excited that the Lord has declared the true gospel to the people. He told me that people used to come because of prosperity teaching, that is what they expect as it is rife in Uganda, in fact in so many parts of the world, as a ‘seducing spirit’  works to take people away from the truth. So many leaders, teachers, some call themselves apostles and prophets, are gripped with this falsehood; much comes from the USA and other developed countries through books and tapes and videos, and lead the vulnerable away from the truth. But Bishop Fred tells me, where we have been with the true gospel, the people have found the Lord Jesus and the churches are full, not of people looking for material gain and everything being focussed around money and ‘so called blessing’ ,but around lives being changed and people delivered and free to love and serve the Lord Jesus in true hope of everlasting life. That is what God is doing and it is wonderful and means so much to us that travel into remote places to bring the real gospel to hungry hearts. Bishop Fred says it is in all the places where we have been.

In a church on the shores of Lake Kyoga a church we visited was divided through disagreements between pastors but afterwards the dissenting pastor came to the other and was reconciled and the whole church met and were united again. Praise the Lord , He does above all we ask or think.

This is the true work of God and the gospel of our Lord Jesus, it is not about promoting people or ministries but lifting up the Lord Jesus so he can draw all men unto Himself.

Now the miracles, mostly this is Bishop Fred’s WhatsApp message: on the mountains of Rwahaha there was a lady who was operated on 5 times but not healed, when you prayed she was healed there and then. 3 women were healed from hernia There was a man who had ‘run mad’ but when you prayed he started understanding; this has amazed all people how God heals.

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