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Among many healed in April 2015 was a lady at the New Life Healing Centre in Mbale jumping up and down on the platform having been healed of a bad leg with lots of pain. Also a lady damaged in child birth and therefore with reduced mobility due to the pain and told that it would takes years to recover dancing in the meeting after prayer in the morning in the church in Walukuba


These testimonies from the pastor from September 2015

1-You prayed for my Wife who had the pain at the knees and she was healed.

2-At the first conference at Mbale you prayed for the young man had the problem with swelling in the mouth, he was healed.

3-You prayed for the women with the back pain all were giving testimonies in the Church about their healing and it was joy in the Church.

4- At marriage conference you prayed for the lady who supposed to be operated because of cancer and now she is Cancer free.

5- Many people who had the problem of pain were healed.

6- You also prayed for men who had the problems with their women at home. They told me that all of them God Has healed their marriages and are reconciled the Church is very happy so they need you there.


These are from November 2015


1 - There is a sister at the Game Park who was healed from hernia which she had for 5 years and 6 people who had difficulties in their bodies were healed.

2 - At Katwe Salt lake a man who had headache pain for seven years was healed totally and many were delivered.

3 - At  Kasese at the lake where the false prophet had taken many people away and you preached there and you prayed the Lord healed the church and all people are back.

4 - In Busenyi  there  was a man who like bad mental disturbances, he was healed and others were healed and there is great joy in that place.


These are some of the more recent miracles from Uganda and there are more to come from the latest visit but some are given here

For many other miracles seen over many years go to  revivaluk by clicking the photo of the lady healed from AIDS in Kenya .

This is her daughter, on the left, born some years later and free of course from HIV and growing up well.