Text Box: ‘Bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Nation


Bishop Ojiambo Frederick the founder of the ‘’Healing Driven Ministries’ based in Soweto, Walukuba, Jinja Uganda.

Fred organises all Mike Cadman’s visits to Uganda and travels with him to all locations

Healing Driven Ministries is growing in Uganda but apart from his own work Fred has a real vision for the work of God in Uganda.  This means  they reach out to many parts of the country supporting other works.

Fred is married to Rosette, who supports him so well, in the ministry and they have 5 lovely children.

Fred is the chairman of the Pastors’ Fellowship in Walukaba/East Jinja Area.

Here are some pictures of their church and meetings.

Mike Cadman officiated at Fred and Rosette’s wedding some years ago

Pictures from their church meetings

To download the teaching on Water Baptism requested by Pastor Ojiambo Frederick, leader of ‘Healing Driven Ministries’ based in Walukuba, Jinja, Uganda. Click on the pictures above the arrow on the left. The smaller picture gives just the text version.

Its looks the Biblical Truth of Water Baptism and what it really accomplishes and how it should be carried out. The teaching explains what Water Baptism is not and follows some baptisms in Kampala Uganda a few weeks ago which were accompanied by this word.