Text Box: ‘Bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Nation 
Speech Bubble: Rectangle with Corners Rounded: November 2016 
In Nyakashara near Rushere Uganda. 
One lady leaking urine since an operation, instantly healed and this has amazed the local village

Pastors Sam and Stephen

Pastor who interpreted so well and me, but to show his wonderful clothes

These are some photos from a recent visit Western Uganda in November 2017. This page replaces November 2016 just for space and yet those brethren we visited near Kasese, especially those in Katwe, are still in our thoughts and the work God did there will endure for ever. Hallelujah

Here we are in Mutukula on the border with Tanzania. We had to go through the first check point even to get to the church which was in Uganda, though the buildings in the other side of the street were in Tanzania.

5 days of blessed ministry arranged by Pastor Sam in Grace Ministries Church. 

Preaching was on the subject of ‘contending for the faith which was once delivered to the saints’ from the book of Jude. The principles of salvation being by faith in Jesus Christ were laid down but then moving into the whole working of the church, those with a living faith in Jesus Christ, were explored. Also some of the false  teaching which have ‘crept in unawares’, ‘prosperity doctrine’ for example were exposed for the lies they are and as not ever part of the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Thanks to Pastor Sam and Stephen and many others for making us so very welcome in Mutukula, we so much enjoyed your fellowship.

The picture of the young girl is of Alice . She was brought into the meeting unconscious and within 15 minutes was eating food. The power of God raised her up after I prayed for her. Hallelujah.  In addition a lady who had failed to deliver her child went out and went into labour after prayer and gave birth to a healthy baby.

We visited Jericho Breakers ministry in Mbarara for just one meeting and had 2 wonderful days in Nyakasharara, near Rushere with Pastor Jamada and the people there.

We looked as part of the teaching at remembering the Lord Jesus and His love and death and resurrection for us as a good means so ensure that we continue with Him in our lives.

Thanks for Bishop Ojiambo Frederick, Pastor Edward Sepuya

and Mark Musiitwa for coming with me and providing such wonderful support

and the Nabisere hotel.

in particular in Kalisizo for looking after Edward and I so well.

Here is the assistant manager Emmanuel.

‘To God be the Glory Great things He has done’.

The border

Alice who was healed



Bishop Fred on the right


A magnificent ‘Crowned Hornbill’ from our  room in the Nabisere Hotel