Text Box: ‘Bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Nation

Many Thanks to Fred Ojiambo, Edward Sepuya and Richard for planning such a wonderful visit to the West of the Country this November .

We visited churches in Kasese, Rubirizi and Bushenyi Districts and here are some photos from the churches visited.

Edith leading the worship and the pastor welcoming us at Katwe, near the soda lake. We had such a blessed time with the church there and a very warm welcome . Just great to see everyone again. Thank you to everyone

Churches in Rubirizi with the amazing view from one church over lake George. Pastor Monday from Kasese district with Fred Ojiambo. Fred was instantly healed from stomach problems in Rushere


Sunday morning meeting

Nyakasharara near Rushere

Click on the photos with coloured borders to see video of singing in those churches.

One great testimony from last time. A pastor in a PAG church we visited in Kampala  had a badly injured leg from motorbike accident and on crutches. We were told he more or less threw the crutches away and now walking normally.

Rounded Rectangular Callout: November 2016 
In Nyakashara near Rushere Uganda. 
One lady leaking urine since an operation, instantly healed and this has amazed the local village