Text Box: ‘Bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Nation


Some photos from the visit to West Uganda in November. We visited Mutukula, Nyakasharara near Rushere, Katwe and pastor Monday’s church bear Lake George. In Kalisizo we visited such a poor school, Grace Community School, who are doing an amazing job with the children and Specious the director works so hard. There are some photos of the children and the teachers and Specious. The headteacher is in yellow,.

These are the wonderful singing group at  Nyakasharara . Here a lady was healed from haemorrhaging constantly

Kasese , Katwe and Pastor Mondays’ church are very hear the equator and these are the young people at Katwe and to the right Pastor Monday’s church

Finally the Christian school near Masaka and the church in Kampala on the last day is on the right

There was such freedom to preach and it was recorded. Click on Preaching to listen