Text Box: ‘Bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Nation

The main reason for a short visit was to open this new church north of Kamuli. We had visited there in March and were asked, by Pastor Patrick to go and perform the official opening. It was a wonderful day and the Lord Jesus healed and delivered so many people the new church is now big and thriving. Souls were saved too in the meeting. Praise the Lord and thank you Pastor Patrick. The meeting as you can see was held under a big tree.

We also visited other churches near Kamuli and near Lugazi too. “Two days in this church in the Sugar Cane fields, arranged by Pastor Edward Sepuya were a joy with the opportunity to preach on ‘Christ and His church’.; Thank you for hosting us . The picture on the right , below, is from Kamuli district and here a pastor came from another church and asked us to pray as his family were all sick. When he got home they had all been healed including the very sick daughter. Praise the Lord

This last photo is back in Lugazi on the way to the airport. Thank you Pastor Charles for hosting us. So good to have all the school children in the meeting and to tell them how great our Lord Jesus is  through the miracles He worked on the earth and now from His throne in heaven. Hallelujah