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March 2018

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Pictures of the visit in September 2019 with my wife Sue. She fulfilled an ambition to visit Kasima islands in Lake Victoria, We support the feeding programme there. Sue with the children, inspecting the food store and in a clinic on Island 2.  Five non Christians received the Lord as a result of the meeting where they were instantly healed while Sue was visiting island 2.

Second row Mutufu Prison where 12 prisoners received the Lord Jesus, that is over 40 in 4 visits and the prison is a different place as a result. Also, Mount Zion Christian College in Buyaga with Joseph and Allin Kunikina who run the school. Here we are talking to a class. Third row a marriage seminar, very near the Kenyan border in Tororo district. Very many needs about the problem of culture and second wives in a marriage. People prayed for and encouraged. Fourth row a meeting in Lumino, where a broken foot, cervical cancer and impotence all healed among the miracles worked in the meeting. Fifth and sixth rows: Sunday with Sue talking to the children in a church hear Jinja and finally  also on Sunday a meeting in Mabira forest on our way back to Kampala.

It is so good to see God working, we just love to support and encourage those serving the Lord with their many challenges. Bodies are still being healed and lives changed and we trust the vision continues to be outworked to the glory of Our Lord Jesus

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