Text Box: ‘Bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Nation

Testimonies from this visit. One elderly gentleman , close relative of one of our pastors had a catheter in place following an operation. We prayed he would recover rapidly and have the catheter removed and this took place within 4 days, time had to be made of the appointment, that was the only delay.

A young deaf man prayed for about 18 months ago and no news. Being near the place enquiries were made and the young man is healed and now plays keyboard.

One of our party was sick with sickness and diarrhoea and unable to keep even water down. That is quite dangerous due to the risk from dehydration. She was prayed for  in the morning and was not sick again and able to eat a light lunch and then her evening meal. Praise the Lord for His ability to heal the sick.

Near Mbale , us singing to the church members

Mount Zion Christian School near Sironko.